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CHOOSING AN AIRFRYER. Using air fryer in cooking is the innovation that has left many cooks wondering how technology is advancing at high speed and at the same time, they are happy that they can now cook comfortably because the cooking environment is now safer as there are no more problems associated with bubbling hot oil which causes many burns. This fryer has numerous befits to both cooks and ultimate consumers of food. Philips air fryer works by directing a hot air over and around the food which is in a container or basket. The basket is in a drawer which slot in front of the machine, therefore, there is no further lowering food into the hot oil. You set the cooking temperature using a simple thermostat, as well as the period using a rotary timer. When the time comes, the fryer turns off automatically. The basket divider allows you to cook several foods simultaneously. You can prepare all the common fried ingredients with remarkable accomplishment. Not forgetting desserts and brownies which you can make using this air fryer and much more foods which you would not imagine. This function underlines the usefulness of the equipment. It operates similarly to a convection oven with a container to carry foods that would go into a deep fryer.
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Nevertheless, most people purchase airfryer to use them for cooking fries. Airfryer is outstanding in cooking chips. What you need to do is to spare some time to find out the best methods of using the fryer, the best potato type to use, the appropriate cooking period and you will be amazed at the outcome. You should remember to add a little bit of oil – you will need to add about half of a spoon every time. Cooking time takes around 15 – 25 minutes depending on the quantity of food and compares nicely with deep-frying or oven baking.
Equipment – Getting Started & Next Steps
It consumes a bit more space than the usual regular sized food processor and looks very impressive and futuristic. The fryer parts that come into contact with food are dishwasher secure, and this will give you an easy time when cleaning. This fryer is outstanding because it comes with a quick-start manual to start you off and a complete recipe book which has 30 recipes. The Philips Airfryer performs very well as expected of it. You will not need to worry about all those health problems that are as a result of consuming fatty foods. As you will be gaining from health benefits, you will also be enjoying great tastes of food.