Plan Your Dream House

Plan Your Dream HouseOne may dream a lot about a perfect home but when it comes to achieving the same in reality, complications automatically seep in. The apparent gap between ones dream house and reality is due to the lack of proper house planning.

House planning is a time consuming process. Once the planning is over, one may sit back and cherish his dreams turning into reality. House planning, is simply, a visualization of the final look of ones home. These days, internet provides an easy access to the variety of home plans across the world, be it in terms of location, design, atmosphere or architecture.

House planning rests on a thorough insight of ones preferences and requirements. It involves a creative and efficient management of the home space. Usually, this planning begins with an approximation of the total budget followed by an estimation of the cost of expenses.

The home design is a cumulative of many diverse aspects, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and size and style of individual region. It is vital to count on appropriate placement of the kitchen, living room and bathrooms, availability of open space and suitable interior d├ęcor. These days, people abide by Vaastu or Feng-shui significance while designing their houses. This further extends the planning process. Keen observation, farsightedness and minute detailing are essential for designing an error-free house plan.

In addition to the conceptualization of major indoor designs, house planning also requires a focus on various services, such as regular water supply, effective electric system, resistance to earthquake and short-circuiting. It is imperative to consider the availability of such services at the time of selecting the house location itself.

Many aspects depend upon the location of the house. One must conduct an extensive research before finalizing the place. A good locality ensures a fine atmosphere and an uninterrupted flow of services. Familiarization of terrain simplifies the process of construction as well as management of space.

Planning a house incorporates both inner as well as outer spacing. Outer planning involves extensions in the form of garage and garden. Depending upon the family needs and interests, one may work upon a desirable mix of the two.

It is always advisable to do a comparative study of various houses. This enlarges ones vision to plan and extends the scope of new designs and ideas. One can come across multiple flooring styles, ceiling patterns, exit-entrances, and light arrangements, which may prove beneficial in designing an apt layout of the house.

Traditionally, home planning was even more tedious. In present times, different home planning software’s design have abridged the cumbersome process. One can practically chart out the best possible designs and see ones dream turning into reality.

Buying a house, or planning the same, is generally, a one-time investment. This makes it even more special and serious. An innovative idea and creative and efficient planning can surely fetch wonders in designing the ultimate dream home. One-time efforts can be fruitful for a lifetime.

It’s no secret that custom home design changes as much as architecture, if not more throughout the years. Trends don’t change as much as they do in the fashion world, but still enough to put anyone behind who isn’t following a valuable source.

Layout, design, materials and construction all change for both single family homes and apartments among other styles of custom homes. It’s important to stay in the know, here are the latest trends being incorporated in the building world that offer both beauty and functionality. Top designers are raving over them and they will definitely influence home buyers.


With climate changes obvious and natural disasters as abundant as ever, and then the decline of natural resources available for building custom homes, new designs are including sustainable choices. Professionals in the industry are searching for and finding materials as well as techniques used for building these structures to slay these issues.

Structures are built sturdier, and building codes are changing to accommodate for weather changes and conditions. Natural resources are being used more smartly and recycled as well. This means that lives and buildings will be saved in one fail swoop. Anyone looking to have a home or building custom made should take these options into consideration.

Quality and Luxury in One – Classics for All Budgets

Most current and of course any future home owners will want the finest finishes and additions to their home, and now they can afford it more easily. This is because there are now increasingly less expensive imposters when it comes to building materials. Thankfully, they offer all the same benefits as far as looks and sturdiness.

Examples are stone veneer, thin terra-cotta and other similar choices that give that rich feel but at a lower price tag. Real estate professionals are starting to relay this information to their buyers and getting them to purchase homes knowing they can have that look they desire with a few inexpensive upgrades.

Digital Manufacturing

Colors, sizes and textures when it comes to sustainable materials are changing. 3-D manufacturing is a bit of an industrial revolution and it can trump more expensive options when it comes to building custom homes. Glass can have etched surface or patterns put directly into it making it far more beautiful and awe-inspiring. They can also illuminate with custom LED lighting that’s built in.

This is just one of many new options that are creating new, sustainable products that are both attractive and energy-efficient. It’s easy to personalize any room from being a glamorous addition to the kitchen or even a child’s bedroom.

Reclaimed Wood

Custom homes look awesome with reclaimed wood walls and floors. It gives them a more authentic feel that homeowners love. They wear well, and show a visual character that one can’t accomplish with anything else. Of course, they are much more affordable!

Consider reclaimed wood for flooring, paneling, exposed beams and other finished areas. This adds into the sustainability trend. The types of flooring in wood that are found in many a custom home and soon it’s expected that not just any wood will be sufficient. Reclaimed wood will likely be the prime option to replace things like quartz, marble and granite. They look awesome with both traditional and modern finishes, too.

Closing Thoughts

These are just some of the trends among custom home builders that are taking off like wildfire. Anyone who jumps on board will have a trendsetting and fashion forward home that will be adored by many, but enjoyed by them.

Having all the latest and greatest additions in a home – what could be better?