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Understanding How Air Conditioning Works The process of cooling the air and removing humidity from a confined space or room is what is referred to as air conditioning. It can be used in a domestic environment like in a room or a commercial environment maybe like in a business. Air conditioning is used in rooms filled with electronic devices that produce a lot of heat to cool and dehumidify the surroundings. This process is used to achieve a more comfortable interior environment. To distribute air in a room or a car they use fans. Cooling is achieved by a refrigeration process but sometimes evaporation or free cooling. Also desiccants can be used which are chemicals used to remove moisture from the air. Referred to as air conditioning is any form of conditioning may it be cooling, dehumidifying or heating a room. In humidity control, refrigeration air conditioning equipments reduce the humidity of the air that is processed by the system. Water vapor is condensed from the processed air by the relatively cold evaporator coil and therefore, water vapor is removed from the cooled air. The relative humidity of the room is lowered in this way. For dehumidification only, there is also a specialized air conditioner. The refrigeration cycle consists of heat transportation from a colder location to a hotter one.
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The medium that is used to remove heat from places that are to be cooled and rejects it elsewhere is the refrigerant. A fan is used to blow warm air in the interior which is supposed to be cooled across an evaporator. Evaporation of the liquid part of the cold refrigerant is caused by this and therefore causing the temperatures to be further lowered. The design of modern air conditioners is to recirculate cold air into the interior. The others draw air into the room but these do not. The heat pump unit is a conditioner in which the cycle of refrigeration can be reversed causing heat increase instead of cooling the surroundings.
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Reverse cycle air conditioners is what they are normally referred to as. Than electric resistance heating, it is significantly more energy efficient. Heat pumps are more popular in milder winter climates. During winter the icing problem is much more severe and therefore the heat pumps are used with yet another more conventional mode of heating such as natural gas or oil furnace. Instead of heat pumps, during harsher winter temperatures these are usually used. Other types of air conditioning are evaporative cooling which are mostly used in very dry climates. Also they are referred to as desert coolers or swamp coolers. It draws outside air through a wet pad maybe soaked in water. Free cooling uses a pump to circulate coolants such as glycol mix or water and it is the other type.